8 reasons why our HVAC software & App solution is what you may need

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HVAC Software for easy management of your field workers.

ezServiceHUB HVAC software is an easy-to use cloud-based end-to-end job management workflow application designed to save HVAC companies (Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning) time and money.

Easy scheduling jobs to help HVAC installers and engineers handle their service jobs much more efficiently than manual processes.

Managing your HVAC business using manual processes, i.e., your HVAC technicians or engineers are typically sent an Excel sheet/ Word document with job details and the client information, such as location, name, surname, telephone number, ref number, PO, job type & problem description + parts to be used etc - means a lot of paperwork. Add in forms/certificates and worksheets plus papers about customer history and parts used – you will be drowning in a sea of paper.

NOW all of that can be compressed into one easy to use tool – the award winning ezServiceApp.​

Controlling your field service work has been made easier using digital automation and electronic processes. The powerful ezServiceHUB HVAC software & App solution is one of the most powerful, yet easiest to use field service software solutions available in the market – and will make your transition from manual process almost seamless. ​

  1. Never miss an appointment again, get on top of your Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) jobs by utilising the ezScheduler. Our unique Contracts module will help you stay in control of all your SLA’s and PPM jobs with easy contract renewals and bulk invoicing. What used to take hours/days – now takes a few minutes.​
  2. Assign the best techs to the right jobs (air conditioners, ventilators, heaters) etc) based on their skill set and the job location. On the ezServiceApp, your techs can also find jobs in local areas or set up follow-up jobs on their App.
  3. Engineers and technicians will always have all relevant work documentation or certificates with them when they are onsite. ezWork sheets / dockets and forms are programmed into the App so that all the customer details and checklists appear for the job system and type. Associated forms or certificates that may be required can also be done electronically with images & signatures attached.
  4. What is in the van? - our ezVan Stock Module ensures that when your engineer starts work in the morning, they are confident they have what they need in their van. Anything from thermostat to coils etc. An email alert will be sent automatically informing what stock is running low each morning so that they can be topped up quickly.
  1. Live data & Financials reflected in real-time. The ezServiceHub dashboard gives an easy-to-read detailed view of what’s happening in the business – how many jobs were completed, by whom and what type of job?
    The HVAC software can have a live integration with leading account packages such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage etc to ensure ensures that invoices and payments etc flow seamlessly for accountability. ​​
  2. View full work order histories Each customer and related sites will have a full history of quotes, jobs, invoices, service agreements, parts and equipment, images, job sheets and certificates etc available at the touch of a button.​
  3. Live data from the job once a job is completed, all the associated pricing relating to that specific customer or customer type is automated. No need to chase for information about work service times and parts used – it is all automatically recorded. Invoices can be sent out in bulk via email and our integrated Stripe payments solution allows you to collect payments faster.​
  4. Keep track of all the "little things" for each customer. Our ezCRM solution helps he office and the HVAC techs do just that. Only information relevant to the engineer or HVAC technician is stored on the mobile app such as Customer job history, Contacts, Parts used, and documentation can be sent directly to the customer via email through the App. It means that they can focus on the job and not have to wade through paperwork.​

Our user-friendly Field service management HVAC software is a web-based cloud application and can be used on a PC /Mac or larger tablet and iPad device - our ezServiceApp is available on Android and Apple devices.​

This field service software requires minimal training, and we offer daily support as part of the package, if required. Save time and Money but more importantly allow your business to Grow! Now all the paperwork for air conditioners, the heating and ventilators can be completed in A FEW SIMPLE STEPS.

ezServiceHUB is the go-to software for HVAC Field service management and is designed to enhance your productivity.​ If you live in the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia or somewhere else it doesn’t matter, this HVAC field service software is worth checking out.


Going from Paperwork to Digitalisation

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    In conclusion, look for a simple to use Cloud-based system to provide a highly effective job tracking software solution or a full end-to-end job management software solution ( from Quote to Invoice) that is cost-effective and easy to learn.

    Cloud-Based Field Service Software Access Anywhere While on The Move.

    Come have a look at our products HERE , or perhaps Book a Demo​ or use this page to Contact us to organise a demonstration of our product to see if it will match your needs.

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