Automatic Door Installer Software

As an Automatic Door Installer, planned door and gate maintenance contracts and visits, installations and repair calls are your bread and butter. Whether you install automatic swing doors, sliding doors, roller shutters, bollards, barrier gates, or electrical gates, ezServiceHUB software is the job management solution designed to help manage your requirements in one simple

Whether you need a simple job tracking and scheduling software solution (ezLite) or want an all-in-one Cloud-based quote to invoice field service management system (ezPro), our software will cover it.

Planned Maintenance Scheduling

  • Create planned maintenance contracts for each customer at the site level
  • Automatically create daily weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual visits
  • Assign and allocate the right technical engineer with the right skills
  • Technical engineers get the correct documentation per job/asset on their device
  • All routine maintenance history on Doors available on the App

Quote, Invoice and Payments

(These features available on ezPro only)

With ezPro, the Quote to Job to Invoicing process is seamless & instant - get cash in quicker!

  • Create your up-front pricing, anything from a half-hour or hourly or flat rate by job
  • Unique approvals-based quotation system – create a job directly from a quote
  • All travel, labour and parts costs are recorded automatically on the job
  • Invoice single or multiple jobs per site or multiple sites on the same invoice
  • Use Customer Portal so Client can make instant payments (Stripe)

Third-party integration with Accountancy packages available with:

Xero, Quickbooks, Sage50, SageOne, Sage Intacct, Sage 200, Big Red Cloud

Job Tracking Process

The job gets listed on the software 

Job gets assigned to the engineer on the scheduler.  

A notification goes to the technician’s device on ServiceJob App.   

The ServiceJobs App tracks the travel and labour hours with any Parts used.  

On the live GPS tracker, you will see a real-time view of each engineer and job location on the software.  

Quick completion of Industry Forms and Documents with pre-populated details on the App  

ServiceJob App syncs with the software allowing data to get stored and recorded in the company’s database  

The Job status will change to - Completed on App - this call will now be ready for invoicing.  

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