Cleaning Services Job Management software

Whether you provide Cleaning services for local authorities, commercial offices, construction companies or homeowners, using the ezServiceHUB software system, means you can schedule and dispatch your service jobs for the week or month ahead, allowing your Cleaning company to become far more organised.

From simple job tracking to end-to-end Quote to Job to Invoicing, the ezServiceHUB Cleaning Services job management is the best software to cover all your field service management needs.

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Customer Service

  • Customer details can be reviewed quickly, and new customers added.
  • Customers will receive an SMS or email about the job details
  • The correct technical engineer with the right skills can be assigned
  • Have complete information and transparency on all Jobs
  • Provide excellent customer service using the ezServiceHUB platform

ServiceJobs App – The award-winning mobile App

  • Increase industry compliance with electronic documents automated with the customer/asset information for faster completion.
  • The ServiceJobs App provides a full-service history on assets per site
  • Collect customer signatures & add multiple images on documents.
  • Travel and labour time is automated for instant Cleaning technician timesheets
  • ServiceJobs App is a native App, so without network coverage the engineer can still complete work. The App automatically syncs back to the office once network coverage resumes.

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