(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Field Service software?

Field service software helps service organisations manage their daily admin by using software to drive efficiencies in processes, instead of paper-heavy or inefficient tools like excel or whiteboards. Processes such as job scheduling, assigning, client service records and invoicing can be automated saving office and fieldworkers an incredible amount of time.

How can ezServiceHUB Software and ezService App solution help my Service Business?

This field service software makes service work easy, accurate and fast – here are some other key reasons to purchase our software:
It helps you better communicate and perform tasks which previously were done manually.
Dispatchers can add a job on the software rather than on paper notes which can get lost.
It helps save you time by not having to call fieldworkers every time there is a job update.
Field workers can complete electronic forms and worksheets on the ezServiceApp and these are stored in the customer’s file on the software. Sending an email or an SMS notification means customers are assured that their scheduled jobs are under control.

How does the ezServiceHUB benefit my customers?

Today’s customers expect a great customer experience which you can deliver by providing a fast and efficient customer service job operation –ezServiceHUB will help you provide this. For example, some emergency jobs and require a fast response. Also, repeat jobs can be easily scheduled, so they don’t get overlooked in the future. Our system allows you to communicate with your customer by providing text and email reminders of their job confirmations. The easy to use scheduler and Real-time Live Job Map, allows you to see what timeslots are free so you can offer more job windows and know the location of each fieldworker to check if they are available. Also, while in the field, our ezServiceApp helps fieldworkers find jobs near their GPS location for example, if they have finished a service job early and there isn’t a job lined up for them, they can maximise job productivity by allocating the job responsibility to themselves

What are the costs?

Pricing is based on an annual subscription basis with a set up fee for Training, Set-up and Data migration

How long will it take for my staff to get familiar with the Office Software and App?

Our system was designed to be intuitive for each user type. It won’t take them long to get up and running and, in most cases, can start Dispatching jobs immediately. Both Dispatchers and Fieldworkers will get a dedicated onboarding experience for each system to help them learn how it works. There will also be ongoing customer support and video materials if required.
We aim to have your business using ezServiceHUB immediately, it has been designed with the user in mind and once a short training session is completed you will feel confident to start using.

How do I install the Software?

There is no software installation on your computer. ezServiceHUB software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. The software is provided on a subscription basis You can access it from any computer or tablet that has internet access.

What customer support do you offer?

We offer remote training and support to onboard you and your staff, as well as ongoing Customer Support and video support to answer any questions you may have.

Does the ezServiceApp work on Android?

Our native mobile App works on both Android & iOS devices. Download the mobile App for free from the App store or Google Play. The ezServiceApp provides mobile-enabled functions like job assignments, job location, form completion & capturing customer signatures & images and then reporting completed jobs with times to the Dispatcher.
In addition, the ezServiceApp is a native App which means that it can works online or offline without network coverage

Will my data be safe using a Cloud-based software system?

Only authenticated users with passwords can view data. Our system is also permission-based which means that you can set permission levels for each user. In addition, all your data is backed up daily so it can be accessed in the unlikely event of a failure.

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