Fire and Security Companies make huge annual cost savings

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ez Management has been working with successful Fire and Security organisations for over 20 years, and our ezServiceHUB and App solution is trusted by hundreds of leading Fire and Security Companies throughout Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland to manage their Field Service operations.

Fire and Security Companies make huge annual cost savings

From keeping track of Jobs by each system type, calculating engineers’ time and figuring what parts have been used; working out job pricing to remembering to Invoice jobs correctly - using manual processes for this in today’s fast-paced world, wastes so much time and money and leaves the possibility open that mistakes will happen when in reality all this daily job management can all be seamlessly automated from office to engineer and back again in real-time.

The ezServiceHUB and App tracks all parts used while onsite at a job with your client and automatically pulls that information through to invoice. Whether it’s motion sensors, Fire alarms, or cabling – our software solution ensures that when you use a part, you get paid for it. No more slippage, today everything can be cost accounted for accurately.

Every minute on a job is tracked to ensure you get paid for all your hard work plus every minute onsite is recorded so when it comes to payroll accurate timesheets are available at your fingertips.​

Fire and Security regulatory forms (NSAI, NSI, SSAIB, NACOSS) are essential for all your Planned Preventative Maintenance calls, reactive calls, and installation jobs. With the ezServiceHUB and App, all the necessary regulatory forms and checklists will be sent via the App to your engineer for every job site they visit. (No more forgetting, no more waiting ages for ripped or coffee-stained documents to be returned.) Once completed on the App, your Fire and Security regulatory forms for every single job are synced back to the office in real-time and automatically stored in the ezCRM for full visibility at the click of a button allowing you to demonstrate compliance easily.

How many Planned Preventative Maintenance jobs are missed per year because the tracking system is manual or your current process is ineffective?

Keeping track of contractual routine work when using paper diaries or a mix of technologies can lead to missed appointments, which will have a knock-on effect on your work schedule and your relationship with your clients. With our eServiceHUB & App solution, contracts/SSL’s can be set up in advance, and routine calls scheduled at that point so they will never be missed. Unassigned contract jobs will appear automatically on your scheduler to remind you that these have to be assigned on a specific day. And if an engineer happens to miss one of these contract jobs, our system will simply record the next date he attends – without adjusting the customer’s agreed renewal data. Also, full visibility of work schedules for days, weeks, or months ahead means jobs can be planned making it easy to see gaps where you can slot in reactive calls to ensure everyone is working as efficiently as possible.

With different types of engineers and different pay grades, it can be a laborious job to ensure the costs of your business is covered and profit being made when you send engineers to jobs, with the ezPricing capability you can create bespoke pricing schemes that can be applied to different customers or different job types. Different engineers can be allocated different costs and sales prices. Meaning your labour will be tracked and priced correctly every time along with your parts, saving you lots of time automating this process.

Do your jobs require different engineers to be at a job at different stages?

How do you try and organise this? We speak to lots of companies and this is a major pain point, with the ezServiceHUB and App projects can be created and each engineer will receive a job to arrive on-site at the time they are needed so they aren’t waiting around, all of these hours are of course tracked and recorded against the project making job invoicing a doddle!

Finally, our award-winning App – will show the engineer on a job, the site history so no need to carry additional paperwork. It is a native App which means that even if the engineer is out of mobile coverage he can still access information. All the information recorded on the App is synced back to the office in real-time – which means as soon as the lads have completed the job, you can have all the information in hand to invoice.

The Cloud ezServiceHUB has been developed with Field Service Management companies at its very core. The functionality is client-driven which means managing your Field Service organisation is made easy. From Job allocation to forms’ completion, from Job completed to Pricing and invoicing in seconds - our powerful software and App solution makes it “ez” to look after all your service jobs & related business administration.

We would be delighted to show you how we can save you on average £/€ 5000k per engineer per year….if you can spare 20 minutes - then please book your Demo at or complete the request form below.

ez Management software helps Service Companies stay in control by organising the workflow of their data with our easy to use software & App solution

Read: Fire and Security Companies make huge annual cost savings

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