Paper-heavy Processes are limiting your business...

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Paper-heavy Processes are a preventing your organisation from becoming what you want it to be…

“I can’t find the job details; I can’t read that handwriting; What dates were we on that job? ;

Who did that job; Is that coffee spilt on that job docket? Where’s the customer’s signature?”

Any of this sound familiar?

Whether it’s at the start or end of each day, week or month these are common phrases used when trying to figure out where your Fieldworkers have been, what jobs were completed, what hours were worked, what parts been used on site/ sold to customers, what to invoice your customers and how to manage your Fieldworkers’ timesheets. Losing time, money and compliance in the process.

Everyone tries their best to have their admin and housekeeping in great shape, but that requires time and everyone is busy, paper is no longer reliable especially if it is stuffed down the side of your door or under your seat!

In our personal life, now at the touch of a button on our mobile devices it’s easier than ever to access our phonebook, our calendar and our email.

Why should your work life be any different, especially when you trying to manage an organisation where these issues are preventing you from achieving your goals of growth, better financial management and compliance within your organisation.

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Technology isn’t to be feared, it should be embraced

Whether you run a SME with 3 employees or a large enterprise company with hundreds, the benefits remain the same. Using technology to streamline processes, allocate jobs, plan weeks or months ahead, record hours worked, record and charge accurately for products sold/used and completing industry forms – will make your work life easier, accurate, efficient and compliant.

If contract management / planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is giving you a headache, and invoicing accurately and on time is an issue, and you wish productivity could increase, then we can help.

If you don’t want to waste any more of your valuable time and money chasing paper, then we want to hear from you!

We know that taking that first step to use a field service management tool can seem like a daunting task, especially as there are so many to choose from and all seem to profess to do so much! We are here to help you make that transition smooth and easy, because what makes us different is that our solution is easy to implement, easy to train and east to use.

Simplify your way of working and automate your field service management workflows. Have a look at our ezServiceHUB Products HERE
Cloud-Based Field Service Software Access Anywhere While on The Move.

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