Software & App Feature Updates | November 2023 | EzManagement - Leading Field Service Software

Software and App update releases and bug fixes

Date: Nov 01, 23

Software & App Feature updates | November 2023

ℹ️ Purchase Order can be unapproved now before any Goods receipt is created for the PO

If unapproved the PO status will be changed to Draft and approved by information will be cleared.

In case the user tries to “unapproved” a PO after the Goods receipt is created the below error message will be displayed

ℹ️Sage One settings has a new setting to use the same numbering sequence for both Invoice and credit note

ℹ️ Contract Job scheduler added the option to select from date. Users can select dates from the last 3 months

The Contract Job Scheduler is an optional feature and will only used by some companies.

When the Contract job scheduler is enabled, jobs for the contracts won’t be created during contract creation or renewal.

Instead, users can utilise the Contract job scheduler screen to schedule jobs for specific periods, such as monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

ℹ️ New Quote Status  (Part Invoiced & Fully Invoiced) added – the user won’t be able to edit or delete it.


When a Quote Job is fully invoiced, the system will automatically change the Quote status to Fully Invoiced.

  1. Create a Quote and approve then add a Job2. Invoice the full Job3. Open the quote and check the statusℹ️ Annual Recurring Contract Fees By Customer Report Added

    Order SMS Bundle options now add to order:

    eg Order 5,000

    Order 10,000
    Order 15,000
    Order 20,000

    5000 set as the default option and removed the 500 and 750 options


ℹ️ New Invoice settings created so that Job Invoice will not be direct debit if

Apply Direct Debit automatically to Contract Invoices Only is selected.

ℹ️ For a Quote that has auto hours turned on, the system will not allow the user to add a line item for service


ℹ️ The Customer screen has information about created, modified and transferred

Account reference is disabled for any customer that is already transferred to an accounting package

ℹ️ Settings to include Quote title in the Job problem description when creating job from quote under system setting

When it’s switched on, the system will include the title entered in the quote to the Job problem desc

ℹ️ Pricing Schema filter added for Contract list

ℹ️ Job price column added in the site details contract grid


ℹ️ Contracts grid is made scrollable so that the header will be static

ℹ️ Made the Job grids scrollable with static headers


ℹ️ 1.Edit Job will get confirmation from the user for any contract Job / quote Job when the user tries to change the customer / site.

When the user clicks cancel, the actual site/customer will be retained otherwise the site/customer selected will be picked for the job

2. Quote Job / Contract Job, message will be displayed on the top of the screen.


ℹ️ Job details will now display the Quote number for Quote Job and it will navigate to the Quote screen


Service Jobs Updates:

  • Tap on Notification redirects to the Jobs list if the app is open and highlights that job with a different background

  • Notification page to show all notifications.
  • Customer contacts from the same screen of Contact -> they can also use More details
  • Updated notification sound
  • Allows user to now send an email, even when the field worker email setting is missing in the final page.
  • Est Duration of the job added on the App
  • Android 13
    Support can Restrict job creation from the app if the site is Closed, Refer status -> This can be configured by Admin