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A Cloud-based Field Service Software contributing to a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world

Sustainable Software Development is a new discipline that combines software, hardware, climatology, and Cloud-based software designs. This approach to business has become critical in recent years and has great significance for the future of the field service industry.

EZ Management’s field service software is designed to support the environment by incorporating environmentally friendly practices across operational field service management workflows and tasks. When it comes to service management businesses that install, repair, and maintain products on-site and out of hours, they are highly dependent on mobility and fast real-time data processing to provide their services. Industries such as Fire & SecurityHVAC BMS Property Maintenance Fire Protection and more increasingly depend on field service management software to manage their entire business end-to-end.

By going Digital, EZ Management’s field service management software system helps companies become greener in many ways:

1. No more paperwork!

It’s now possible to get rid of all paper documentation, as all information about jobs, customers, workers, van stock, and so much more is stored digitally in a single Cloud-based system that can be accessed by office workers, managers and field workers with individual permission rights.

Whilst on-site, all information on jobs and sites can be pre-coded so that the engineer has only to tick the appropriate boxes and collect the digital signature(s) – thereby saving time and getting the correct information back to the office accurately in real-time rapidly for faster service maintenance and cash flow management.

The system can be accessed via a PC, tablet or mobile phone (both Android & iOS) online and even offline if the connection drops.

Since all data is stored in the cloud, there’s no need to have printed invoices and worksheets since every action can be managed from a single device.
AND no more lost documentation!

2. Reducing carbon emissions by using cloud-based software

The one big positive emanating from the Covid-19 crises was the need and understanding for remote access. A cloud-based field service management infrastructure software vs an on-premise server-based solution helps service management businesses benefit from remote access anytime, from anywhere.

It also aids faster user capacity and cross-device accessibility while saving the environment from unnecessary carbon emissions. Shared cloud infrastructures do not need dedicated data centres, which means less hardware, less energy consumption, and fewer carbon emissions than on-premise solutions.

Workers can also use energy-efficient devices such as tablets to use cloud software. By using a Cloud-based field service management software, businesses can also profit from other benefits, such as multi-device access that can help save the environment from additional carbon emissions.

3. Engineers can calculate optimal routes to their assigned scheduled jobs

In addition, to the Job Map feature on ezServiceHUB software and ServiceJobs App, the technicians and installers can find the optimal routes to travel to their jobs. As a result, it minimises the technicians’ travel distance and hence their fuel consumption. Once a new job is added, the dispatcher can also assign it to the best technicians based on their current location. Also, with real-time notifications, techs can get updated job information to avoid unnecessary travel.

Integrating a sustainable way of managing your entire field service operations is becoming a top priority for many service companies as it helps drive increased revenue through increased efficiencies and eliminates traditional workflows which negatively impact our environment.

EZ Management is committed to continual innovation to augment our sustainability efforts to provide a cleaner, greener future by helping and encouraging service-based businesses to use field service more sustainably.

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Going from Paperwork to Digitalisation

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