Software & App Feature Updates | May 2024 | EzManagement - Leading Field Service Software

Software and App update releases and bug fixes

Date: May 01, 24

Software & App Feature updates | May 2024


ℹ️ Purchase order can be added now for the Draft quote .



After creating a purchase order for a Draft Quote, you can see a new button to view the supplier Quote information




That will give the pdf for the supplier quote .



ℹ️ (Bug Fix) In Quote, if a line type is changed from one to another, the description and cost will be cleared
(Previously this was retained and led to having an engineer under Parts/ Parts Misc)





Re-design of checklist screen to avoid overlapping text issue on smaller devices.
The “Open text” checkbox will grow as information is typed.

ℹ️ Job Pending new dispatch status added

ℹ️ A new option has been added in the invoice settings to hide transaction details from the Payment Receipt document. Enabling this setting will conceal the transaction details on the Payment Receipt.

ℹ️ “Add Contract” has been moved to the top menu, enabling navigation to create a contract from any screen.

ℹ️ A new column has been added to the Parts Screen to display the unit price. Additionally, a drop-down menu has been included to select from a pricing list, allowing the price to update based on the chosen list.


ℹ️ New fields have been added to the site search screen: Acc. Status, Acc. Email, Main. Contract, and Mon. Contract.

  • The Main. Contract field will display “Yes” if the site has any maintenance contracts; otherwise, it will show “No.”
  • Similarly, the Mon. Contract column will show “Yes” if there is a monitoring contract, and “No” if there isn’t.

These new columns are sortable and can be searched using both the general search and field-specific search. They are also included in the Excel export.



ℹ️ Customer transactions in sepa has option to view the DD  customer statement.


Report type includes All,Active and Invoice wise for the selected customers