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Software and App update releases and bug fixes

Release Notes

Date: Apr 02, 24

Software Feature updates April 2024

ℹ️Annual Recurring Contract Fees By Customer

Below two default filters added:

  1.  Account Status In Live, Quote, Refer
  2. Active Contract = Yes
    Also added the Totals at the bottom

ℹ️An option to select or deselect all invoices for import and export to Excel on the SEPA import interface.  

ℹ️The Task List screen will now display items that are not linked to any board.

ℹ️ Xero interface has option to update all the customers those have been modified in ez after transferred to Xero .

Select Update Now and wait for the update to finish


ℹ️ Introducing costcenter while creating new Invoice

  1. Accounts integration & billing will display the costcenter based on the permission



2.Select Cost center



3. Listing screen will be appeared


Create / Edot cost center

4. In Invoice pick the relevant cost center and make use of it


ℹ️ Xero Interface has option to sync modified products in ez those were already transferred to Xero

Once you login to Xero interface select Settings and then Update modified products , system will list the count of products updated in ez those are already in Xero.

Select update Now and wait for few minutes to sync