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Software and App update releases and bug fixes

Release Notes

Date: Mar 01, 24

Software Feature updates March 2024

ℹ️  Risk Assessment Daily 

Risk Assessment Daily Travel

New setting added to the App settings screen for Service jobs when Risk assessment can be started on Job

ℹ️ New Dispatch Status “Admin Complete Under Contract” added for jobs

If job is ticked as “Admin Completed = Yes” and if there is no invoice for the job and if it’s a contract job then we mark the status as “Admin Complete Under Contract”

ℹ️ Reverse VAT invoices will display new badge 


ℹ️  Scheduler filter based on company  is available

ℹ️ The customer portal has option to view Asset list and history

To turn this on goto System Settings and turn on Show assets option under customer portal settings


Quote List has option to view PO number and filter this will be available in latest version


New notification to include MAC users note, in event page doesn’t load

Contract List screen “Update Fees” option added for updating Bulk contract fees

On clicking on the button below pop will open

ℹ️ There are four different Methods to calculate the updated fees ( for price increases)

Fee = Fee + Percentage

Fee = Fee multiplied By
Fee = Fee plus
Fee = (Actual amount)

ℹ️  Making  a User “InActive” will set is field worker also = No, to prevent them from using the App

ℹ️ ( Stock Control module) In parts screen, warehouse mapping will only show if stock permission is granted


ℹ️Added option to set first call schedule when creating a new contract.  This option is applicable for contracts with monthly call frequency 

There are four options:

Always on start date of new contract period – Default one. Call will start creating from the contract Start date

Scheduled as per maintenance interval after contract start – First call will created one day before the end of first call freq.

Scheduled as per maintenance interval minus 2 weeks – First call will created two weeks before the end of first call freq.

Scheduled as per maintenance interval minus 1 month – First call will created one month before the end of first call freq.