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Date: Jun 06, 24

Software & App Feature updates | June 2024

ℹ️ Edit Asset screen has the option to export the QR code  Once the QR code is scanned from mobile you can see the Asset service list.  imageWhen the Asset name is clicked it will download the asset file  ℹ️ New Role added for Quote to view Update Product CostWhen the above setting is turned on  Update Product Cost  will be visible in the Quote creation screen ℹ️ Parts creation, editing and  deletion are now based on rolesℹ️ When the same  job is viewed by one or more user, when any of the users saves the Job, then when the other user tries to overwrite the job the below message will be displayed and Job will not be updated until the user reopens the job and editsimage ℹ️ SECURITY FEATURE If anyone attempts to log in with incorrect credentials 15 times within 24 hours, the software will block further login attempts and require the user to wait for 20 minutes before trying again. Additionally, an email will be sent to the user whose user ID was used and to This policy is implemented in both the Cloud and the customer portal. The following settings can be reconfigured:
  • Maximum login attempts: default 15
  • Wait period: default 20 minutes
  • Check period: default 24 hours
  • Notification Email: default
Email Sample: