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ezLITE makes Field Service Job Management Easy

ezLite is a simple-to-use Cloud-based, non-billing Scheduling, Job Dispatch, and PPM maintenance software


ezLite – Field Service Scheduling software

Add modules over time to build up your mobile Field Service Management
software package at your own pace. Customize your field
service software


CRM Client Management – keep
records in one place for quick access –
no more chasing paperwork

  • PointMarkRecord Service Issues
  • PointMarkStore Customers’ Details
  • PointMarkMultiple Sites per Customer
  • PointMarkProspect Contact information


Schedule and Dispatch service Jobs
to field staff quickly – manage all
service calls far more effectively

  • PointMarkInstantly Schedule & Dispatch Jobs
  • PointMarkLive location with GPS Tracker
  • PointMarkJob Appointments
  • PointMarkRearrange Agenda with Quick Drag & Drops
  • PointMarkDaily Job Dispatch feature
  • PointMarkReal-Time notification via SMS or emails


Manage recurring planned preventative maintenance Service Contact Jobs – never miss another repeat visit

  • PointMarkInstantly Scheduled Maintenance Calls
  • PointMarkMailshots Reminder Renewals to Customers
  • PointMarkFuture Planned Service Agreements (PSA’s)


Get Real-Time information on Mobile and field staff

  • PointMarkReal-time Job Map
  • PointMarkView Engineer Location
Service Jobs

Field staff manage their Service Jobs far more effectively - no more paperwork

  • PointMarkWith Notifications Engineers and Technicians will Never Miss a job again
  • PointMarkGo Paperless, get compliant with industry forms and documentation
  • PointMarkCapture Photos, Signatures, and Parts on each job
  • PointMarkSearch and send Jobs and view Customer service history
  • PointMarkAutomated Timesheets and it Works Offline too, so your field worker can continue to access information.
  • PointMarkSends all completed documentation back to the office immediately


Keep on top of all your Service Managment Tasks

  • PointMarkStore notes and documents per Client and Site
  • PointMarkGet notified for the next Job or Call
  • PointMarkIncrease Business efficiency and productivity levels

ezServiceHUB - ezLite

Per User €31 per Month/
Annual Fee


– easy Scheduling & Maintenance
Management system

Field Engineers and technicians can learn the App in less than 20 mins!!

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