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Automate your service management workflows

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Simplify job scheduling with EZ Management's field service software. Effortlessly log and assign jobs to engineers while keeping customers informed via SMS/email about arrival times. Select a customer, record job details, and delegate to the most suitable engineer with ease. Our software accommodates both reactive and recurring job visits. Easily organise multiple visits across different days, utilise advanced calendar filters, prioritize jobs by status and location for efficient dispatch. Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless management of all your service job scheduling.

Real-time Tracking of
Job phase and Engineers

Real-time tracking of job statuses and engineers keeps you informed of your team's progress. Our mobile app enables on-site teams to update job statuses instantly. Managers have immediate visibility into team availability, allowing efficient resource allocation for enhanced productivity and exceptional service levels throughout the day. Engineers can access unassigned jobs per location through the ServiceJobs App if they are available to complete jobs.


Never miss another Service call!

Efficient job dispatch is made possible with our drag and drop functionality. We can also automate dispatch at set times per day. Group jobs by area, priority, or customer with a few clicks. Visualise team availability and prevent overbooking using various scheduling views. Assign tasks effortlessly with a single click, streamlining job scheduling and dispatch. Experience the ease and efficiency of job management with EZ Management!


Optimise Job Scheduling and
Dispatch with EZ Management's Field Service Mobile App

This app revolutionises the way engineers, field staff, and the office handle job assignments. Users receive prompt audible notifications upon job arrival and can effortlessly organise tasks based on date, job number, and location for seamless navigation.

The live scheduler enables the office to track job progress, from the engineer's call opening to job completion stages. Field staff can even schedule and add jobs on-the-go, adapt to real-time changes, and effectively manage workloads.

Additionally, field staff can easily search and pick up available jobs ahead of schedule, maximising resource utilisation.Stay organised, boost scheduling productivity, and deliver exceptional service with the ServiceJobs App


This feature is available in both our field service management
products: ezLite and ezPro.


From€29Per User/Month/
Annual Fee


Simple non-billing Field Service Job
Dispatch & Management

Ideally for Companies need to track their service jobs and keep on top of paperwork


From€34Per User/Month/
Annual Fee


End to End Field Service Management

From Quotes, to Job Management to invoicing and payments + also integrates with leading
Accounting packages