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Optimise Your Fire and Security Operations with EZ Management's Asset Tracking

Field Service Asset Maintenance Management Software - Optimise Uptime with Field Service Asset Management

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Managing Fire and Security, as well as Fire Protection assets, often involves dealing with extensive paperwork and making frequent maintenance site visits to ensure compliance.

With EZ Management's ServiceJobs App, you now have the ability to access the maintenance asset history for each site whenever you need it.

Our Fire and Security + Fire protection asset management system will help ensure that you understand and meet all the correct governing compliance measures, minimising the chances of accidents occurring.

We affectionately refer to them as our "hero forms" because they have saved significant time and ensured compliance for numerous companies, especially on large commercial sites. Additionally, through our Customer worklogs Portal module, you can grant your customers the ability to track their assets and monitor completed work - all in real-time.

We provide as standard on our ServiceJobs App the following HERO forms designed specifically to manage Assets within the Fire and Security industry

Designed to simplify asset maintenance, safety and service operations for your frontline teams

  • Fire Asset form for Conventional & Addressable fire systems
  • Emergency Lighting Asset form
  • Fire Extinguisher Asset form
  • CCTV asset form
  • Intruder Alarm Asset form
  • Assess and Intercom Asset form
  • Fire Extinguisher Asset Report
  • Fire Blanket Asset form
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How our Asset Form Management works in 4 simple steps:

Connecting the office with real-time asset data

  • 01.Designed so that you input the site asset information initially, and on subsequent recurrent visits, all you need to do is update the checklist or data required for the maintenance service call
  • 02.If it's a long list, e.g for Emergency Lighting or Fire Assets, the asset form can be paused and put in Draft mode so that it can be continued later.
  • 03.Once completed, it can be sent directly to the customer and will be automatically sent back to the office software for that Customer's site.
  • 04.The real value of an asset form compared to other digital forms are that they are always available on the App per site at anytime. So if anything happens outside work hours - your engineers/ techs have all the maintenance tracking data for each assets easily accessible on their App.

And if you need form customisation, we can accommodate that too, as companies have their own internal preferences.


The App is fantastic! Completing Asset forms for Fire and Security systems has been a game-changer!

Chris L.

Operations Director, Top
Tech Security

"We have found the product and the company second to none. It was extremely easy to implement, and any issues we had with it were sorted immediately. The company bent over backwards to solve any hiccups we had or anything we needed tweaked or changed. We had excellent training on a weekly basis until we were happy to push forward by ourselves. We are so glad we picked this software.

Helen W.

Fire Protection Maintenance
Manager in UK

Take control of your Fire and Security, as well as Fire Protection, asset management today with EZ Management's Field Service Asset Management Software.

Get a clear overview of all the equipment on-site, the condition and history of the equipment, and the planned maintenance schedule.

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We provide Asset Maintenance Management forms for many industries - please contact us to find out more.

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This feature is available in both our field service management
products: ezLite and ezPro.


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This Asset Maintenance management feature is available on both ezLite and ezPro.