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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
made easy with
EZ Management

Automate your service management workflows

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EZ Management's advanced field service software offers field service management businesses a powerful solution for automating PPM contract management. With our cloud-based PPM Management software, you can revolutionise the way you handle your contractual service management obligations, whether that’s managing regular inspections and surveys to ensure compliance to the relevant health, safety, and quality standards – or working to industry standards such as NSI/SSAIB/Nacoss/BAFE/PSA etc within the Fire and Security Industry. Streamline the entire process, from contract creation and tracking to compliance management and reporting, all in one simple to use comprehensive solution.

Automate and Simplify
Contract Renewals

Renewing service maintenance contracts can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task. However, with EZ Management's innovative cloud-based field service software, contract renewals are effortless. With just a single click, you can conveniently renew all your service maintenance contracts, saving valuable time and eliminating manual paperwork. Our software automates the renewal process, ensuring no contracts are overlooked. Say goodbye to individual client negotiations and hello to streamlined contract renewals. Focus on delivering exceptional service while our intuitive platform takes care of the rest.


Stay on Top of PPM Renewals
and Invoicing

With EZ Management's intuitive PPM Software, ezServiceHUB, keeping track of contract renewals and invoicing is a breeze. With our advanced planned preventative maintenance software, you can send bulk email reminders to Customers to remind them of upcoming renewals and service call obligations. It also provides a centralised platform where you can easily check which contracts are due for renewal or invoicing. Real-time updates and notifications ensure no contract slips through the cracks. Simplify the entire process with our user-friendly interface, allowing you to proactively manage contracts and optimise cash flow. Take control of your contract renewals and invoicing effortlessly.


Automated Future PPM

When you choose EZ Management, future PPM calls are automatically scheduled. Our intelligent PPM Management software schedules based on contract terms, to ensuring accurate and proactive planning. Eliminate the risk of oversight and human error and provide timely and efficient maintenance for your clients' equipment. Experience the convenience of automated scheduling and enhance the productivity of your PPM operations.

Unlock the Potential of EZ Management

Our planned preventative maintenance features are available in both our field service management products: ezLite and ezPro. Book a demo today and discover how EZ Management can simplify your entire PPM processes, enhance efficiency, aid industry compliance and exceed your client service expectations.

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