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Ez Management's ezServiceHUB is a cutting-edge field service software that streamlines the sales quotation process for service professionals. With its built-in power features, users can easily create accurate and professional estimates, saving time and improving efficiency. The software allows for customisable templates, enabling businesses to tailor their quotes to specific needs and industries. It also supports itemised quoting, allowing users to break down costs and provide transparent pricing to clients. With ezServiceHUB’s quoting software, service management businesses can enhance their professionalism, win more projects, and ultimately boost their profitability.

Effortlessly customise and create professional sales quotations with ezServiceHUB's templates.

Create and customise your own sales quotation templates, with specific line items and pricing structures. With a few simple clicks, generate professional sales quotations that encompass detailed job descriptions, service costs, parts, and equipment requirements, and even add discounts or additional charges. Our Quoting system eliminates manual errors, ensures consistency, and significantly saves time and effort in producing professional and accurate sales quotations.

ezServiceHUB goes beyond generic templates and offers Fire and Security industry-specific quote templates, including templates for SDP's (System Design Proposals) and As Fitted Documentation. Experience the power of automated quotations tailored to your industry with ezServiceHUB.


Real-time sales quotation tracking and management from office to field

Real-time sales quotation tracking and management from office to field. Enhance your sales process by tracking and managing live quotations. Our software simplifies the process of monitoring the status of each sales quotation, keeping you updated in real-time. Whether a quotation is pending, accepted, or declined, you'll receive notifications to promptly follow up with clients and address any concerns. With this transparency, you can ensure a seamless sales process. Instantly send a Job from your Quote and automatically all quoted parts will appear on the field worker's app.Ez Management empowers you to track and manage quotations effortlessly, enhancing your sales efficiency and driving business success.


Connect the team with
potential clients

Ez Management’s ServiceJobs App facilitates seamless collaboration between service teams and customers. The software enables service providers to share sales quotations with clients through various channels, such as email or an integrated customer portal. Clients can review and accept quotations, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and delays. This streamlined communication process enhances efficiency, accelerates decision-making, and ultimately leads to faster job bookings.


This feature is available in both our field service management
products: ezLite and ezPro.


From€31Per User/Month/
Annual Fee


Simple non-billing Field Service Job
Dispatch & Management

Ideally for Companies need to track their service jobs and keep on top of paperwork


From€37Per User/Month/
Annual Fee


End to End Field Service Management

From Quotes, to Job Management to invoicing and payments + also integrates with leading
Accounting packages

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With its intuitive interface and powerful features, ezServiceHUB Sales Quotation system enables service providers to
generate accurate and professional quotations in no time, empowering them to enhance job management,
win more business and enhance customer satisfaction
TIs feature is available with our end-to-end cloud-based ezPro.