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The Native App for Field
Service Engineers

Automate your service management workflows

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Get real-time data, Automate service management workflows, Secure Cloud data

Stay connected and productive on site with ServiceJobs, EZ Management's cutting-edge mobile app. Engineers can access the App database seamlessly, even in areas with poor network connectivity. Work can continue uninterrupted, with access to necessary job records and information. When the network connection is restored, ServiceJobs effortlessly syncs all the work, ensuring a smooth workflow.

ServiceJobs is the powerful yet simple-to-use Field Service Management mobile application, trusted by hundreds of engineers and technicians daily. It enables efficient job management, from accessing comprehensive job record details and searching site-specific job and asset history to completing electronic forms, adding parts, capturing images and customer signatures, and much more. Empower your team with ServiceJobs and revolutionise your field service operations.

Complete digital forms
and checklists

ServiceJobs App offers a simple and efficient solution for creating, managing, and storing all your important forms and checklists in one place. Say goodbye to time-consuming paper forms and checklists that are prone to errors and easily lost. Customise worksheets with checklists to ensure accurate completion of forms, checklists, and asset inspections in the field. Enhance form completion speed and accuracy by incorporating photos, videos, signatures, and uploaded files into job or site worksheets. ServiceJobs App also features speech-to-text functionality. For regulated industries like Fire and Security, our App provides free forms, enabling installers to collect accurate data for audits and full compliance.


Real-time visibility into all
service and reactive calls.

Effortlessly track and manage reactive and service calls in real time with our field service management App. Gain insights into engineers' tasks and precise locations with ServiceJobs' live GPS map. Monitor job acceptance, time on job including engineer arrival, and completion, while ensuring up-to-date documentation and maintenance compliance. Experience the power of ServiceJobs for optimised resource allocation and exceptional service delivery.


Simplify on-site job completion
for your field technicians and engineers

ServiceJobs streamlines job management, enabling scheduling of follow-up tasks, add new Customers on site, live SMS updates with estimated time of arrival, and effortless navigation through spoken GPS instructions. With real-time information feedback to the office, ServiceJobs optimizes field service operations, enhances customer satisfaction, and boosts overall efficiency. Experience the power of ServiceJobs for seamless field service management.

You can use ServiceJobs App together with both our field service management products:ezLite and ezPro.


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Simple non-billing Field Service Job
Dispatch & Management

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End to End Field Service Management

From Quotes, to Job Management to invoicing and payments + also integrates with leading
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