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Mobile Forms with
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EZ Management's mobile forms software simplifies industry compliance by streamlining data collection between the mobile app and back-office. It eliminates manual paperwork, reducing errors and ensuring accurate information. Field staff can easily collect on-site data using mobile forms, including details, images, and signatures. The collected data seamlessly syncs with the back-office system, enabling real-time access and efficient decision-making. Leverage EZ Management's mobile forms software to navigate compliance requirements efficiently, save time, reduce costs, and ensure smoother workflows on-site


Customise Forms with the
ServiceJobs App

With EZ Management's ServiceJobs app, businesses can customised mobile forms with site inspection checklist to their specific needs. Tailor each work sheet or docket with job checklists and design more complex customised forms that align with unique workflows and data requirements. Capture customer information, health and safety details including risk assessments, and record service information, and gather job-specific compliance data accurately. Streamline data collection, enhance efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary fields or steps. The ServiceJobs app provides a seamless and personalised experience, adapting to different industries and businesses.Unique customised forms are priced individually

Ensure Documentation
Compliance in Key Industries

Our Field Service App is designed to ensure strong compliance in industries like Fire and Security, where adherence to regulations is crucial. ( Ez Management provides forms for the Fire and Security industry for FREE) Benefit from industry-specific features that simplify compliance. Customise mobile forms to incorporate compliance checkpoints into workflows, securely capture and store data, and generate compliance reports. With our App, you can navigate regulatory requirements with ease, gaining peace of mind and avoiding penalties or setbacks.

This feature is available in both our field service management
products: ezLite and ezPro.


From€31Per User/Month/
Annual Fee


Simple non-billing Field Service Job
Dispatch & Management

Ideally for Companies need to track their service jobs and keep on top of paperwork


From€37Per User/Month/
Annual Fee


End to End Field Service Management

From Quotes, to Job Management to invoicing and payments + also integrates with leading
Accounting packages

ServiceJobs is the powerful yet simple-to-use Field Service Management mobile application, trusted by hundreds of engineers and technicians daily. Empower your team with ServiceJobs and revolutionise your field service operations.