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Together, we go way back! –EZ your trusted partner in Field Service Software

As we embark on this journey together, we want to share a piece of our heart with you.
EZ Management’s legacy spans over 25 years, and during this remarkable time, we’ve grown hand in hand with our loyal customers. Together, we’ve forged a path of excellence in field service software, streamlining every aspect of service management.

In a world where sizes vary, we cater not only to the small and medium-sized companies, but also those listed on the stock exchange. At EZ, we believe that every customer, regardless of their scale, is an essential part of our ever-extending family.

Our foundation is built on strong customer relationships. This bond has shielded us from the tides of churn; even if a customer departs, it’s often due to their company being acquired by larger entities – entities that frequently find our software already at their service.

What truly warms our hearts is the personal connection we share with our clients. We don’t just engage in business interactions; we exchange snapshots of life itself. We’ve celebrated joyous occasions like the arrival of a baby, but we’ve also stood by during the tough times, like when one of our cherished clients had to say farewell to a beloved dog. We’ve truly stepped into their shoes.

EZ your trusted partner in Field Service Software

“The adorable Bella & Cookie”


The cherished pets of Patrycja – “Cookie and Bella”, and Jean’s fun-loving “Cody” and from our support team, have become like family in our daily chats. They’re a beautiful reminder that our bonds extend far beyond the confines of business.

We firmly believe that every customer, regardless of their size, holds immense value. To honour this belief, we’ve set sky-high internal standards. Our commitment is simple: we answer support calls within a mere six rings, and if a call happens to slip through, rest assured, we’ll be quick to make that call back.

In an era where customer support quality has waned in many industries, we remain a shining exception. You won’t find our customers outsourced to distant lands or lost in ticketing systems. We’re right here, ready to provide swift and substantial support, just the way it should be. That’s the EZ way, and we stand by it with pride.

Your satisfaction, regardless of your company’s stature, is our unwavering commitment. Welcome to EZ Management – where reliability, relationship, and remarkable service come together to create an exceptional experience. 🚀🌟 #EZManagement #FieldServiceExcellence.

“Fun loving Cody – the perfect companion”

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