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Boasting over two decades of expertise, EZ Management stands out as the premier field service software provider in Ireland. We understand the inherent difficulties that comes with efficiently managing day-to-day service operations and have created a very user-friendly software solution. From scheduling technician appointments to handling daily worksheets and completing accredited industry forms, billing jobs, and much more – we recognise that your time is continually constrained. That’s why if you are implementing field service management software in Ireland, EZ Management is the winning choice for your business.

But what are the specific benefits of adopting a software solution dedicated to field management? And how can you choose the right product among the many options available?


Bring Your Field Service Business to the Next Level with our Dedicated Management Software


Enhance Efficiency with Streamlined Workflows

Modern field service software offers a significant advantage in the optimisations of daily operational workflows. Envision the implementation of automated procedures across various activities: from generating quotes and estimates to scheduling and assigning jobs to technicians knowing where they are located throughout the day) and even sending SMS messages to inform customers about the technician’s imminent arrival.

This translates to huge time savings! No longer will you need to dedicate hours each week to manually coordinating the organisational and logistical aspects of your work. Instead, these hours can be redirected towards more profitable activities, such as nurturing new and existing customer relationships.


Enhance On-Site Efficiency with EZ Management’s ServiceJobs App

The advantages of a dedicated management system extend beyond internal admin processes, especially for technicians actively working on-site at customer locations. Their productivity will be significantly enhanced with a dedicated field management system and a connected mobile app.

Equipped with the mobile app linked to the software, technicians will have all the necessary information readily available to provide accurate and timely service to each customer. This includes access to the service history at the customer’s site, and real-time availability of components and spare parts, resulting in reduced time and resource wastage for every job.

Additionally, the app offers various automatic real-time reporting features, empowering technicians to update crucial data with just a few taps on their smartphones. This includes hours worked, any required parts for job completion, electronic customer signatures, adding images, and much more. Best of all – know where they are at any time!


Increase Revenue with Data-Driven Business Opportunities

So far, we have considered the immediate operational benefits of having modern field service management software. But today’s technology offers us more – the concrete opportunity to increase our revenues.

Thanks to the sophisticated analytical tools integrated into the most advanced software solutions like EZ Management’s – you can now leverage the data to generate new sales opportunities.

Imagine this scenario: cross-referencing data, such as customer asset or system types, average recurring service job costs, and average consumption of components and spare parts. This allows us to thoroughly analyse service costs, ensuring profitability per customer.

Furthermore, delving into the results of work orders alongside additional data enables you to optimise your current offerings or identify potential new services your customers may require. The opportunities to expand your business scope profitably through data, are virtually boundless!


Monitor Performance with Detailed Reporting

The cherry on top of a modern field service management system: is the ability to easily monitor daily, weekly, and monthly metrics and KPIs related to your operational and financial performance.

Leverage the insights from our field service software-generated reports – these are easily accessible, web-based reports that help gain an insightful understanding of your business’s current dynamics. Monitoring factors like time spent on jobs per technician, average time per completed job, profitability across different system types/assets or even customer types, and various other vital aspects will enable you to comprehensively assess the overall health of your field service management business.

This approach will empower you to make more informed and strategic decisions, guiding the next steps of growth for your company.


EZ Management offers two best-selling products for Field Service Management Software in Ireland


ez Lite


1.ezLite – the non-billing field service management software solution

This powerful product unleashes essential capabilities for companies with existing ERP systems, offering a non-billing field service software tailored for gathering critical field service information for Accounting purposes.

Ideal for field service businesses seeking a cost-effective management solution for basic workflows, ezLite delivers robust functionality. It consolidates customer and site details within an integrated CRM platform, automating recurring maintenance schedules – a crucial feature for field service management companies. No more reliance on Excel for job control; everything is now conveniently located in one place.

Our user-friendly drag-and-drop scheduler efficiently dispatches work orders and service jobs to the ServiceJobs App, complete with all relevant customer and site data. The easy-to-use ServiceJobs app streamlines processes for field workers, eliminating paperwork. Technicians and engineers can track on-site time, attach photos, record parts used, and collect signatures directly on their mobile devices.

(ServiceJobs App is available on Android and iOS) Access to asset and service history is at their fingertips, and they can even set up new customers and jobs from the app. Once a job is completed, it seamlessly returns to the office and can be marked as admin complete, allowing your ERP system to handle the invoicing.

While ezLite focuses on core service management coordination capabilities, it also offers out-of-the-box tools to enhance overall efficiency.


ez Pro


2. ezPro – our easy-to-use comprehensive field service management solution is equipped with billing features for comprehensive service management.

As the demands of field service management evolve, ezPro emerges as an all-encompassing solution, delivering potent capabilities to expand operational horizons. Seamlessly transform quotes into scheduled jobs once approved and effortlessly renew maintenance contracts to optimise recurring revenue. The automation of timesheets eliminates the need for manual data entry.

With robust job costing and pricing tools, ezPro ensures precise invoices that safeguard profit margins. Instantly invoice customers upon job completion for swift cash flow with integrated Stripe payments. Keep a real-time check on van stock levels, proactively reorder parts based on minimum quantity alerts, and manage inventory down to the technician level.

Enhance customer experience with a portal providing self-service access to quotes, invoices, and streamlined payment processing. Customers can even download completed worksheets and invoices at their convenience.

Delve into granular reporting for insights into team productivity, revenue trends, and parts/labour cost analysis – with ezPro you are empowered to make informed management decisions about your entire field service management business.


The Tailored Mobile App for Service Technicians and Engineers – the ultimate ServiceJobs App from EZ Management

ServiceJobs App by EZ management is a purpose-built mobile experience for field workers who install, repair, and maintain products. It works alongside our ezLite and ezPro solutions and is available on iOS and Android.

Enjoy the convenience of worksheets and industry forms that automatically sync back to the office in real-time, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Technicians receive all instructions for each service job on their device and can access all the service history on previous jobs per site, ensuring a smooth process.

Efficiently capture on-site details by scanning barcodes for parts or using voice commands for tasks such as noting parts used and assessing a history of asset conditions. Snap photos and collect e-signatures for verified work completion.

Execute all safety and compliance checklists on-site with ease. All timesheets and work hours spent per job are recorded automatically and synced back to the office in real time where it is accessed via a report format.

Boasting a highly intuitive and technician-focused user interface, staff can undergo comprehensive training in under 20 minutes – which, unlike some other field service management App alternatives, means they can start using the ServiceJobs app immediately!


Evaluate Your Requirements to Choose the Right Field Service Software in Ireland

With a more profound insight into field service software and its impact on efficiency, how do you decide on which solution best suits your operation’s needs? Pay attention to several key factors:

  1. Current Problems and Goals: Document the pain points and challenges in your workflow. Set specific targets for how software should enhance technician productivity, contribute to revenue growth, and improve customer satisfaction metrics.
  2. Scalability Needs: Anticipate potential growth in your customer base, the number of field technicians, and the diversity of services over the next few years. Ensure that your chosen platform is scalable to accommodate these expansions.
  3. Budget Realities: Conduct a candid evaluation of software costs compared to the tangible and intangible savings, along with potential revenue increases over time.
  4. IT Requirements: Consider the integrations needed with other systems eg Accounting packages ( EZ Management integrates with leading Accounting packages, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and Big Red Book). Identify individuals responsible for administering and customising the software as processes evolve.

By carefully weighing these considerations, you can pinpoint field service software that aligns with your budget, capabilities, and strategic goals now and into the future.
Both ezLite and ezPro offer robust functionality with flexible deployment options to cater to diverse field service management needs in Ireland.


Bring Your Business to the Next Level Right Away with EZ Management!

Why wait any longer? Now is the time to leverage software and transform field service workflows. Contact our team today for a personalised demo tailored to your unique requirements and budget. Invest in technology and prepare your operation for scalable, sustained success.


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