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How can field service management software save me time?

If you are in the field service sector you must know well that time management is a struggle for all employees: field technicians and engineers, office workers and managers. And at the end of the day, time is MONEY!

If you are looking for a field service software like EZ Management, check out all its features and detail here, AND if you’re still not sure how is that supposed to save you time, here’s why in-built field job automation is the best way you can manage time in an efficient way.

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The Job Schedule and Dispatch process is simplified & automated – NEVER MISS A SERVICE CALL AGAIN

Going with a fully automated field service software like ezServiceHUB makes it a lot easier for field service office workers to schedule and dispatch new jobs to engineers and technicians, as all is automated and is done in minutes.

Maintenance calls will never get missed & each day you can bulk dispatch jobs & even set dispatch times, so if you are out of the office the software will automatically dispatch ALL your Jobs for that day automatically!! You can create digital work orders, assign them to the engineer with the right skills, auto-generate work orders for recurring work with checklists, and convert job requests directly into to-do jobs.

As soon as a job is scheduled and dispatched to the technician, he is notified with all the job details via SMS or email. In addition, you can send job details to the customer too, informing them when the technician will arrive. Scheduling is a very quick & simple drag and drop process that allows you organise work orders effectively.


Tracking Jobs and Engineers is easy with ezServiceHUB

You do not need to install an advanced GPS software or buy expensive tracking devices to have a real time view of the jobs and field workers. This field service software has a GPS map integrated so you can check the location of your team and their service work orders at the map from everywhere. It also will provide a bird’s eye view of all your jobs & their progress at any time in REAL-TIME.
A GPS tracking service cuts down your workload, increases transparency and helps you manage your team with ease.



Service Job data entry goes from manual heavy intensive paperwork to digital electronic documentation

Cloud-Based service business management software and Apps like ezServiceHUB and ServiceJobs, will upgrade your management into a fully digitalised paperless solution. Find information quickly & instantly for jobs, clients and auditors & because it’s cloud – check at any time! NO More filing cabinets, stuck in offices!

Reduce the stress & time filling out paper documents because with electronic documentation, all the main detail are automatically completed – from Quotes, to Work sheets & forms on the mobile App to generating invoices. You can create quotes from field or office and then send them to customers automatically email will all the relevant documents already attached – no more searching files. In a similar way invoices are automated from the mobile App customisable prices and trackable labour and parts expenses.

The ezServiceHUB automates all the hard work for you!


Team and job reports are generated automatically

Who likes the end of the week/month manual report generation? Well, using a FSM software like EZ Management, these can be done for you! The software offers color coded graphs and well organised tables of data so you can have a quick view of what is happening with your team and work orders. Get a direct view of your jobs in progress, completed jobs, active sites and much more.



The field worker data is synced into the office automatically.

If you use a service management software package like ezServiceHUB, you’ll never have to wait for the field technicians to come and hand in all the paperwork so you can update the job statuses & calculate their timesheets. This software Does it automatically for you!! Using the service mobile app, field workers can enter data, mark jobs as completed, collect customer signatures and if required even generate invoices from their smartphone, and all that is synced to the office in real time.
Some field service management apps like ServiceJobs allow workers to work even when the connection drops, information is synced automatically when the connection is restored.


Accountancy packages are integrated

EZ Management allows you to easily integrate with leading accountancy packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and also Big Red Cloud with a few clicks for safe and automated field management accounting.

When your technician completes the work, you can sync the work order to automatically generate an invoice & send to your accounts package.

All your data is 100% safe with no risk of data loss.

To sum it up - a fully automated field service management software and App like EZ Management's ezServiceHUB & ServiceJobs will help you manage your team of technicians and engineers, communicate with your customers, and grow your business. Go digital, work from anywhere, and increase job profit!


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