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Automate workflows to speed up job management

Job Management Software
Job Management Software Automate workflows to speed up job management

Jobs, dockets, invoices, delivery notes, customer contracts, staff rotas, timesheets, annual leave, KPIs, customer issues, ad-hoc calls from customers or providing a customer with a report or work dockets which demonstrates how many times you have been there in the last 12 months and what work was carried out… That’s a lot to juggle and which is the most important and what needs attention first?

Priorities, there aren’t enough hours in a day!

Meet ezServiceHub, the new full-time cloud-based administrator that assists you with all these tasks to make life appear seamlessly smoother by automating the relay of information in real-time from the office to the site and back to the office again, and it helps make everyone’s life easier.

The ezServiceHub & App solution was built with your business in mind, not just the field workers or the admin staff but the entire company, including your customers.

Imagine a world where:
  1. Jobs are allocated to your entire team at the click of a button at the beginning of the day/week/month.
  2. Visible time gaps can be seen in every field worker’s schedule where reactive calls from customers can be easily slotted in.
  3. Field workers can see the detail on all their jobs as well as all the jobs close by so they can take control of these.
  4. Work documentation is clear and signed off by clients and can NEVER be lost as saved to the Client file automatically and/or emailed directly in real-time.
  5. Invoices are accurate and issued promptly.
  6. Annual leave is visible each day so jobs can be allocated correctly.
  7. Timesheets can be kept up to the minute automatically for payroll.
  8. Van stock can be tracked so you don’t land to a job without the tools you need
The ezService Hub and App have been specifically designed to:
  1. Access information on the go
  2. An automated two-way flow of communications between the office & the field employee
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Improve operational efficiencies
  5. Ensure compliance with documentation and forms
  6. Store all your customer history in one place
  7. PLUS It’s dependable & user friendly

The importance of being able to access information is the biggest asset a company can have, in a world where we have been shown that agility and adaptability needs to be at the center of your business, you will never be without vital information your organization needs

Can you really call your field worker remote if they need to be in the office every morning and every evening to hand over paperwork?

Wouldn’t that time be better spent on a job? – Chase work, not paperwork!


Going from Paperwork to Digitalisation

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