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Seeking the best Cloud-based field service software solution

Service management businesses with mobile field staff need to adapt to constant changes by seeking new ways to boost their workflows effectively. Industries have become increasingly regulated in the competitive world of Service management, with real-time electronic documentation becoming the new norm.

The office and field staff need to have a virtual connection so that everyone, especially the customer, knows the latest status on every job at any moment.

So you need to find a solution that connects both the office and the field to overcome endless phone calls and returns to the office for the field workers and automate the logistic process for office workers between office, site and customer.

That’s where technology comes to help with field service software and mobile App communication to automate and effectively work for both sides.

Here’s what a great field service software solution can do for your service management business:

Automates work for the office workers

A great Cloud-based field service software solution will have many features to help office workers collate information and store customer detail on every single customer and site.

Quotations, Planned preventative maintenance, Job scheduling and dispatch, and Job pricing and Invoicing, should be automated and accessible from anywhere.

Invoice smarter and faster

All businesses exist to make money, so getting income in faster makes a considerable difference to the growth of any service management business. Job pricing should be automated from quote right through to invoice stage, so as soon as the technician presses “Job Complete” on their mobile app, the office should be able to invoice immediately and email it directly to the customer. Nowadays, with Stripe, the customer can pay the invoice immediately, making the process quick and seamless & all payments per customer are recorded on the software automatically.

Connect office with field workers with a mobile App

A great field service mobile App will make it easy for technical engineers to quickly access all the information about their jobs, including the client’s service history and account details. It will also save time by automating and registering asset details, recording travel and labour hours worked, and knowing what stock is available in the van. In addition, the engineer will have access to a suite of industry forms and work reports, where signatures and images can be added and synced backed to the office immediately or emailed directly to the customer.

A great App will also be able to function offline.

Integration with Accounts Packages

A great field service management software solution should integrate with leading accountancy packages such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Cloud, Sage 50, Sage Intacct, and BigRedCloud


In conclusion, look for a simple to use Cloud-based system to provide a highly effective job tracking software solution or a full end-to-end job management software solution ( from Quote to Invoice) that is cost-effective and easy to learn.


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