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Top Benefits of Automating your Fire and Security Business

If you are a small, medium, or large-sized company providing service operations within the Fire and Security industry, you are surely aiming to achieve higher productivity and efficiency quickly.

Automating your Fire and Security service management business will enhance your work orders, smooth end-to-end business operations, and accomplish financial objectives in no time.

EZ Management’s cloud-based field service software, was developed for companies who install, maintain or repair fire and security alarms and systems to help office and field workers access data from anywhere and anytime. If you are wondering how a service management software can increase your working efficiency keep reading…


Going from Paperwork to Digitalisation

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    Get real-time visibility on business information and your recurrent contract income

    There are still many Fire and Security service-based companies who manage their service jobs and workers using excel and paper forms and as a result, lack real time visibility of business operations. A Fire Alarm and Security Systems management software should help them gather real-time data and keep service and office workers updated around: work orders, recurrent maintenance contracts, job statuses, engineer location, invoices and payments, parts used and much more.

    Uniquely for the Fire and Security Industry, the Cloud-based ezServiceHUB and ServiceJobs mobile App will manage recurrent maintenance contracts and their invoicing seamlessly. Never miss another service maintenance job again and you can even automate the daily dispatch of jobs!
    The software will also manage all related Fire & Security forms and documents electronically so no more paperwork AND because we specialise in providing Fire and Security software for UK and Ireland, all these forms are provided FREE on the mobile app.


    Improve Office and Field Group Coordination and get real-time visibility on jobs

    Fire and Security Service businesses can build a stronger coordination between field engineers and office workers by installing a cloud-based field service software and app solution. The usage of Mobile Apps like EZ Management’s ServiceJobs mobile App, where field workers can work offline if network connection during alarm installation jobs drops, offers uninterrupted information processing, as all information syncs to the office when the connection is restored, keeping the office admins updated. Also, the usage of GPS tracking, which maps field workers and their job location; means service managers can track job and client location in real-time.



    Manage your finances with ease

    If you are using a Fire and Security Business Management software like ezServiceHUB, it takes a single click to raise an invoice for a completed job. Say bye to delayed payments and hello to better cashflow! EZ Management’s ezPro offers an end-to-end job management solution for your Fire and Alarm Installing Company, from Quotations, to Job Scheduling to Invoices and Payments. It is also integrated with leading accountancy packages: Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and Big Red Cloud for better and easier service job invoicing procedures within the ServiceJobs App. Stripe payment can also be integrated for faster collection.


    Reduce expenses, increase profit

    Security Management Automation software and mobile apps track all labour and parts used while onsite. Whether it is motion sensors, fire detector or cabling, it ensures that when you use a part, you get paid for it. Studies show that Fire and Security companies can save on average c£/€5000k PER engineer PER year using a cloud-based, fully automated Fire & Security software.



    Complete Fire and Security Accredited forms

    Fully automated software like EZ Management make it easier for Fire & Security engineers and technicians to issue job certificates and worksheets as all site information is automated. Just tick the checklist and capture required signatures.

    In our Fire and Security Company management Apps, you will find all fire and security inspection and certification documentation (NSI/NSAI/SSAIB/BAFE/PSA) accredited forms for FREE to stay fully compliant.


    Never let technicians miss scheduled security jobs

    One of the main concerns Fire and Security Managers face is field workers missing jobs constantly. This ends in unsatisfied clients, loss of time and most importantly problems in cashflow and profit reduction. Fire and Security Business automation, using FSM software makes scheduling for office workers quick and easy, as all they have to do is drag and drop new jobs to a calendar and the system automatically sends the field worker a notification via Email or SMS with all job and client details. Easy scheduling and dispatch systems like EZ Managements, allow maintenance and reactive calls to be allocated to the right engineer or technician with the right skill set according to geographical location. Once the service installer receives the notification, he can use the field service mobile app to locate the client and job via the GPS tracking map.

    Selecting the right Fire and Security automated software is key to a successful company, happy workers, satisfied clients, great cashflow and better time management. With over 20 years’ experience in Fire & Security software, Ez Management helps hundreds of Fire and Security companies manage their daily business operaions highly productively.

    If you are a Fire and Security company based in the UK or Ireland - choose EZ Management! Look forward to upgrading and automating your entire Fire and Security business processes. Enjoy the benefits of a trusted Cloud-based, easy to use Fire & Security software and mobile App system, designed by people who understand your needs.

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