Efficient Property Maintenance Software For Streamlined Management In Ireland

Property Maintenance Management Software Ireland

Property Maintenance Management Software Ireland

Manage Your Property Maintenance Business with ezManagement Software

Running a Property Maintenance company in Ireland comes with its fair share of challenges – juggling multiple clients, properties, jobs, and technicians can quickly become overwhelming without the right systems. That’s where ezManagement steps in.

ezManagement provides an all-in-one software solution designed specifically for Property Maintenance businesses to simplify operations and help deliver high-quality service, adhere to compliance; health and safety checks, and key insurance requirements.

EZ Management is recognized as the leading provider of field service software in Ireland. We comprehend the inherent challenges associated with effectively overseeing day-to-day service operations and have developed an exceptionally user-friendly software solution.


schedule and dispatch

Schedule and Dispatch Jobs with Ease

The ezManagement platform makes it simple to create and schedule routinepreventative maintenance jobs for all your contracted clients regularly. Whether it’s regular inspections, safety checks, or seasonal site work – you can set it up once and automate it.

New ad hoc requests and reactive calls such as fixing boilers, changing lightbulbs, etc can also be swiftly added and dispatched to your technicians in real-time. The integrated GPS tracking will allow you to monitor technician locations and progress. Automated notifications keep field staff updated on job details, key requirements, and any last-minute changes. No more confusing paper trails or missed appointments!


Increase Accountability and Organisation

Technicians can use the mobile app to complete digital forms and checklists on each job, adding images, parts used, customer signatures, and more. This creates consistency across your team and with client reporting.

All data flows directly back to the software – no manual data entry is needed. So you have full visibility of work order history, and asset performance and can easily reference for future jobs or inquiries.

Additionally, your clients gain access to their own Customer portal, providing them with the ability to view real-time updates, status changes, forms, asset logs, and if you wish quotes, invoices, and upcoming maintenance calls.
This feature for your industry not only enhances transparency but also reassures clients that maintenance work has been completed, offering valuable insight into the progress of their projects.


Access Information On-the-Go

Technicians can quickly pull up contact details, access codes, site instructions, and all past maintenance records when on-site. At the same time, office staff can check job progress, and customer payment history and update data from anywhere with the cloud-based system. Giving your entire company real-time access to the information they need, anytime.


Grow Your Business

The software tracks all client information, properties, assets, jobs, and billing in one central database. Making it simple to identify new business opportunities within your existing customer base.

You can easily view asset logs and maintenance trends to forecast the work required. Identify high-value accounts to focus sales efforts. Built-in tools allow you to manage renewal contracts efficiently, send mass communication, and generate customer invoices. Saving you hours of administrative work. As an optional extra, the software integrates with leading accounting software packages such as Sage Cloud, Xero, QuickBooks, and Big Red Cloud.

With ezManagement as your command and control centre, you can focus on providing exceptional service – not drowning in paperwork.


Get Organised and Take Your Property Maintenance Business to the Next Level

To learn more about ezManagement and see how our property maintenance software can help your business scale, book a free demo today!

Our consultants with help you decide which is the right product for your business needs


Going from Paperwork to Digitalisation

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