ROI from Field Service Management Software (FSM) is Quantifiable

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ROI from Field Service Management Software (FSM) is Quantifiable

The introduction of Field Service Software has revolutionised the work processes of organizations with Field workers. By automating tasks that were historically manual and paper-based, service based organisations are seeing huge benefits right across the board.

The great news is that these benefits are not industry-specific; the only prerequisite is that you have mobile workers away from your office. FSM Software is the key to enable your service organization to become more efficient.

Let’s look at how it has been proven to benefit service management organizations
  • Better resource allocation – awareness of where your organisation operates geographically enables resources to be allocated more efficiently. Using Field Service Management software, you will see where each job is located; what type of job it is and with the click of a button allocate the right person or team to the job(s) and sites.
  • Agile scheduling - scheduling of job lists is never a one-time task, access can be denied to field workers; jobs pushed back or brought forward by your clients and relying on paper-heavy processes (a whiteboard/paper diary, etc.) makes it a difficult and time-consuming task to solve these constant crises. Visibility of your entire work diary in one centralised location with the ability to allocate or reschedule jobs by clicking a button and sending a notification to your workers will provide massive time savings as well as full transparency of what is happening by day, week, or month.
  • Accuracy of work – enabling each worker in the field ( engineers, technicians, etc) to have all of their job-specific documentation on their mobile device with them at all times ensures work is completed fast and effectively by your field worker and thereby saving considerable time and money. The need to have 2nd/3rd fixes/calls will massively decrease when your field worker arrives at a job and with the mobile App, knows exactly what needs to be completed on every visit quickly & efficiently.
  • Invoicing – typically it is invoicing which can be held up massively by the paper trail - completed work documentation arriving from one/all of your field workers at once, leads to inevitable bottlenecks and admin teams frantically playing catchup. FSM software will capture and record everything from hours worked, parts used electronically and when a job is completed the App will sync back all the necessary information instantly to your office staff to action for invoicing - resulting in not only a quick invoice turnaround but also accurate invoicing every single time.

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All these efficiency savings will contribute to a more accurate and more productive field service organisation. Saved time as we know equates to saved money and it’s up to each business then how to use that money to build the business.

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